We believe that wedding is not just a once in a life time events. We want our clients to experience those emotions every time they watch that The Wed Knot creates for the cosmic couple.

Wedding Photography

We believe wedding photography should be fun, timeless and inspirational. While styles and approaches evolve over the years, raw storytelling always remains the same. We capture the best moments & document them as pre-bridal, pre-groom, engagement, traditional & candid pictures and also provide customized beautiful documentary albums too.

Pre Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Shoots are oldest and yet the most popular sessions amongst the couple. These shoots help the couple get comfortable in front of the camera & with the photographer for their upcoming wedding. Also these beautifully captured images add an extra personal touch to the wedding photography. Besides this pre-wedding photo shoots, save the date invites with the photo shoot and fashion styled shoots are also in vogue. .

Wedding Cinematography

Gone are the days when a man with a camera and a big hot yellow light on top of it showed up, and kept the camera rolling all day, day after day. Today, wedding films are all about telling stories – and that's just how we love doing it..! We are storytellers. Our films are shot in a cinematic manner. The clips are brief & artistic, taken from different angles using various heavy duty filmmaking equipment. Before each film, we do our research and after discussion with the client decide what kind of output we are looking at. Aerial cinematography, underwater cinematography, slow motion cameras, Ronin/Glide cam, etc. is used wherever required to make the film visually appealing. The Wed Vows, is a production company that has morphed into a creative asylum for the untold stories. We come with a magic wand of editorial, a wish and the film is transported to realm of "greatness".

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